The inception of 8Se7en was a result of great ambitions and thoughtful planning. 8Se7en’s main focus areas are; defence logistics, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, procurement outsourcing, as well as integrated logistics tailored to the oil & gas sector.

8Se7en is privately - owned and based in Dubai where its co - founders have lived and operated on average over 27 years. Dubai is a top ranked business hub and a logistics hub for South West Asia and continent Africa, 8Se7en’s main geographic area of operations. An 8Se7en LLC office in Amman – Jordan, a Syrian regional response centre for many NGOs, was established in December, 2019.

Consistency and continuity of high service levels along the theatre of operations and support of regional contracts is ensured through a regional supply chain network of a reliable sub - agencies structure.

The benefits to customers as a result of partnering with 8Se7en is having access to regional defence logistics (air, sea & land), humanitarian aid and disaster relief services and procurement capabilities specialized in managing highly complex logistics operations and emergency scenarios with high efficiency and swift response time supported by a lean structure that allows for quick decision making and a higher degree of cost control.

All of our operations are monitored closely from the centre and executed locally, streamlined by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the purpose of ensuring consistency across the region which enables the customer to focus more on their mission rather than on administering multiple contracts, processes and systems. Most importantly, we plan ahead, prepare for various potential operational scenarios and position ourselves in areas of strategic geographic importance to our customers rather than react to their needs.

In addition, our operating model is designed to provide for seamless transition of services throughout the operations theatre, consistency of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), speed and accuracy of delivery, efficient implementation of theatre engagement strategy, meticulous operational planning and integrated coordination of material, personnel and maintenance logistics.

Deliver On Commitments