To be the largest and most valuable supply chain management brand in the Middle East and Africa regions.


Provide a solution to every complex logistics scenario and lead innovation in logistics services and operational optimization.


Our values were written by the co - founders prior to 8Se7en’s inception to ensure that those values frame our setup, growth plans and how we deliver our services hence they would be engraved in our Company’s identity and would define our Company culture:

1 Deploy Anywhere, Anytime and Achieve the Seemingly Impossible

We go where our customer goes, wherever and whenever our customer needs us to be. We go the extra mile each and every time. Our performance is evaluated internally within the context of how we performed today, not measured against how we performed in our last mission. Improvement is a daily and constant pursuit.

2Deliver on Commitments

Members of the leadership, commercial and operational teams will not make or undertake any commitments, express or implied, verbally or in writing, accept or enter into any assignments or agreements with customers, suppliers, sub - contractors, employees or the public that the organization will not be able to meet. When we commit to an assignment, we aim to deliver beyond expectations and at outcomes of mutual value.


The quality of products and services that we deliver to our customers is one of 8Se7en’s key differentiators. Service is not only limited to the operations theatre but extends to all other units and functions.

4 Speed and Accuracy of Execution

The success of every mission, whether in defence logistics or in humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations, hinges on thorough planning, rapid mobilization and smooth execution. Planning or execution gaps, regardless of how marginal, may prevent, hinder, or delay the achievement of all of the mission’s goals. Employees, suppliers and sub - agents are therefore required to adhere very closely and specifically to 8Se7en’s SOPs to ensure that every mission is successful and achieves all of its goals.

5 Save Costs for Our Customers

In an economy where many organizations are facing cost related challenges and need to accomplish more with less, achieving logistics services' operational optimization is a high priority. We aim at leading innovation in this area.

6No Shortcuts

Whether in the quality of products provided through our network of suppliers or our services, we take no shortcuts. The aim is not to win a contract, but to perform and demonstrate reliability at every interface with our customers.

7Building Long - Term Relationships

Building long - term collaborative relationships with our customers, suppliers, sub-agents and the public throughout with a focus on mutual value outcomes. In every interface competence, courtesy, credibility, reliability, and responsiveness is demonstrated by 8Se7en’s team members at all levels.