The operational context and working conditions in which 8Se7en’s customers predominantly operate can be hostile and extremely harsh. In humanitarian and disaster relief operations, the need for meticulous planning and the efficient management of each component in the supply chain is of extreme importance for smooth operations and in order to provide the type of support that is required by those in dire need.

8Se7en’s management has led initiatives encompassing providing support to various military units deployed in forward air bases to load / offload emergency aid arriving from all over the world and is directly involved in coordinating with customers and country teams for disaster planning, rapid and efficient mobilization supported by a supply management system that facilitates the receipt and rapid distribution of key humanitarian supplies and equipment.

On account of our expertise with air, sea and land operations, strong partnerships with local sub - agents with local knowledge of terrain, potential sites for logistic bases, various facilities and large storage complexes that may be used and modified for emergency response situations and our thorough practical knowledge of the ports infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa (over 60), we can actively and practically participate in the assessment of the capacity of various ports to handle supplies in various emergency scenarios.

In addition, our services include but are not limited to:

  • Provision of water, food and operational hygiene and sanitation support;
  • Shelter solutions and temporary accommodation/modular homes
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical assistance
  • Relief supplies
  • The acquisition, storage, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposal of materiel;
  • Airport to Ground Zero trucking
  • Engineering material and equipment
  • Assorted Kits

Constant Pursuit of Improvement