Muriel Al - Mufti

Managing Director

Muriel is a co-founder of 8Se7en LLC who has occupied various HR roles in multinational companies and private businesses in the United Arab Emirates spanning healthcare, education, FMCG including manufacturing, building materials and household solutions/retail and projects, property management, financial services, shipping, logistics, port management, and defense logistics industries, 10 years of which in senior regional roles with geographic scope of responsibilities comprising the Middle East, India and Africa.

Over the years while contributing to the enhancement of shareholder value at the companies where she served, she became highly skilled in cost optimization, identification of saving opportunities and in creating innovative solutions to long standing issues relating to rising manpower costs, procurement and operations.

In addition to her senior HR roles, Muriel served as Director – Group Operations where she assumed responsibilities for operations, projects and retail sales, technical and supply chain for a private local enterprise in the UAE which operated in the building materials and education sectors.

Muriel holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Jordan and a Postgraduate Certificate in Employment Law from the University of Surrey. She is a Jordanian citizen.

Reliability and Responsiveness